What is Haus Adelbrecht anyway?

Haus Adelbrecht is a group of people who are all members of the Society for Creative Anachronism or SCA, an Historical Re-Creation organization dedicated to the study and reproduction of pre-17th Century Western Civilization. The Lords of Haus Adelbrecht reside in the Barony of Ayreton (Chicago), in the Midrealm or Middle Kingdom of the SCA.

As a group in the SCA, we are what is commonly called a Household. Households do not receive any formal recognition from the organization, but are rather unofficial groups of people who share common interests, a fondness for attending Events with each other, shared goals or any other number of unifying factors.

Haus Adelbrechts unifying factor is largely one of Service to the SCA, most of our members hold offices, work at events and help to make the SCA happen. Some of our members are simply members because the Lords of Haus Adelbrecht, Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen and Herr Hanß Leiland Adelbrecht, have a particular fondness for them and have adopted them as brothers and sisters.

So, what is all this about "Lords of Haus Adelbrecht"? Well, to put it simply, Haus Adelbrecht operates as a feudal household, that means that the Heads of the household are it's Founder, Herr Alexander and his life partner Herr Hanß Leiland. They decide who get's to be in the Family and they are the public face of the Household.

Is it possible to Join the Household? Yes, If the Lords of the Househould get to know you and decide that you are a good fit. To be a good fit for this household means that you are someone they embrace as family, someone who serves the common good and enriches the SCA. There are no membership applications or votes, but the Lords of the Household will occasionally seek the council of those who are in the household to see if they agree. In the end however, the decision is theirs alone.

Why do you do this? Because it's Fun! We enjoy the SCA like many people enjoy Football or Camping, in fact we do a lot of Camping in the SCA. The SCA holds regular events nearly every weekend of the year and a few week and two week events each year as well, at these events the members of the SCA bring out all their best to showcase, teach and learn by doing things as they might have been done in a time long since past. We strive to bring the Middle Ages back to life and to act with Chivalry and Honor. We wear the clothes of the time period and we use the tools. We camp in Pavilions and we hoist our Banners.

If you would like more information on getting involved with the SCA, please, contact us, we are only to happy to help you find your local group. We love to welcome newcomers.