THL Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen



His Lorship, Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen, is an early 14th century German Country Nobleman who lives in the former Duchey of Swabia.

In the context of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Alexander is a Servant of the Dream. "The Dream" is a term that is sometimes used by member of the SCA to refer to the spirit of the organization; A world that we create that seeks to revive the Virtues of Chivalry, Courtesy and Honor. He is a Protégé to Master Etienne le Couteau des Roches and he has been known to stick his hand up every now and then when a job needs to be done.

Outside of the SCA Alexander is Ashton G.A. Schoeffler-Miller, who works in the Transportation Logistics Field and lives in Chicago, Illinois with his fiancé.


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